DuraSlic SpeedCoat 16 oz Spray Bottle


DuraSlic SpeedCoat Ceramic Spray is an easy-to-use professional grade coating which adds incredible gloss, hydrophobicity and protection from the elements making maintenance a breeze. If you can’t feel the difference during application, then you aren’t paying attention.  Water-based doesn’t have to mean watered down. Applying this advanced spray gives your ride the premium gloss and shine it deserves, without any of the hassle. Contaminants like dirt and bugs are ancient history. 

Time is money, but your reputation is everything.  Make sure you use products you can count on. SpeedCoat is a top-shelf finishing touch to any detail job or act as a booster to a previously installed ceramic coating, like DuraSlic 1500. Adding this product to a detailing arsenal can ensure customers return for that slick final product.

Check out some of Speedcoat’s features:

Ridiculous Gloss
Outstanding Hydrophobics
Makes maintenance washes a breeze
Easy-to-apply spray format
Eco-friendly formula