Boat Owner Mold and Mildew Preventer Kit

By Xanigo

The Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Preventer prevents and protects against mold & mildew for up to 90 days with just one application! No wiping!

Prevent mold and mildew on vinyl boat seats, life jackets, canvas, ropes, carpet and areas with high moisture.

Prevent boat mildew using Xanigo Marine Waterless Wash. Keep your boat clean between Mold and Mildew Prevention applications without the use of harsh chemicals or wasting water. No hose or running water needed!

When applied with our Freedom Atomizer, Xanigo Marine Mold and Mildew Preventer system STOPS mold and mildew cold! 


  • World's only patented Organosilane compound, providing greater protection
  • No alcohol and non-flammable
  • Water based (only water-based Organosilane)
  • Long shelf life of 1.5 years unopened, 1 year opened 


1 Xanigo (Cord or Cordless) Atomizer (includes 20v battery and charger)

1 Quart of Xanigo Marine Waterless Wash

1 Quart of Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Prevention Solution.