Starke Aluminum Coating - What A Huge Difference!

If you’re looking for the best aluminum paint for saltwater, you may have come across Starke Aluminum coating

This revolutionary coating is becoming a popular choice for boat and yacht owners because of the excellent protection it provides against UV, chemicals, stains, and other saltwater elements. 

Sure, there are many coating brands available in the market. But Starke Aluminum coating stands out because of its easy-to-mix capability. This coating can restore dull and corroded aluminum to a brand-new-looking boat.

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about this product. So, the following are the most frequently asked questions and answers you should know about.

What applications can I use Starke Aluminum Coating most appropriate for? 

This high-build aluminum coating is best for protecting underwater metals like lead, bronzes, and cast irons. You can apply it on your boat’s bottoms and surfaces to seal leaking rivets. Since it is thick and glossy, it can seal scratches, deformations, and dents but don’t use it solely as a filler.

Can I apply Starke Aluminum Coating over existing paint? 

 For the best result, it is always advisable to deep clean your boat and ensures there are no toxins on the surface. In our previous article, we discussed the proper timing on when and how to apply an aluminum coating.  Generally, you have to scrape, sand, and etch the surface. Make sure the surface is toxin-free and even. Apply coating on the surface that is in good condition and fully cured. 

Is this a self-etching primer? 

No. While Starke Aluminum coating provides exceptional benefits, it is not a self-etching primer. You need to sand down and wipe clean. Always read the label before application. 

What is the best way to apply Starke Aluminum Coating? 

This coating can be applied using the Autofiber thin Microfiber Coating Applicator.  Just place enough amount on the sponge and apply it to the desired area.  

What do I need to know before applying the Starke Aluminum Coating on my boat?

Before you apply the coating, your boat needs to be clean. Remove elements that can prevent the coat from adhering to the surface such as sand, grease, lumps, peeling paint, and many more. If you’ve just painted your boat, your paint must be fully cured before you apply the aluminum coating. 

How many coats should I apply?

You may apply 2-3 coats at a minimum. More than 3 coats might be needed to make your boat shine. Moreover, it’s important to achieve 8-12 mils of thickness before taking out your boat to the water. If you have coated you are boated insufficiently it might lead to coating failure and potential water permeation. 

Do I need to apply the finish after I apply the Starke Aluminum coating?  

Starke is a ceramic coating for aluminum boats. First, you need to apply an epoxy primer on your boat and then an antifoul paint. Bottoms require antifouling paint to prevent galvanic corrosion. A topside portion of the boat will work with a polyurethane finish for high gloss and vivid colors or the Stark Aluminum coating. Starke ceramic coating can be used as a finishing material for your boat to achieve a brand new-looking exterior. 

What is the difference between a primer, barrier, and ceramic coating?

Primer is an anti-corrosive paint that is applied on the boat as based. After it has cured, a coating barrier can be overcoated on the paint to improve the adherence of a ceramic coating in the next application. It helps you achieve a high-gloss finish for your boat.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

The quick answer is yes. Regardless of the size of your boat, it’s an investment you want to protect. And boat ceramic coating from Starke is designed not only to enhance the exterior aesthetics of your boat but also to improve its resistance against toxic elements from salt water, which can potentially damage your boat in the long run. 

How long will Ceramic Coating last on my Boat?

 Our ceramic coating can live up to three years lifespan depending on how you care for your boat. The lifespan or efficiency of ceramic coatings can also be affected by other factors like how often you take your boat on a rise, whether or not you’re docking or storing its off-season, and how many people usually ride on the vessel.

Can I use Starke aluminum ceramic coating on the gel coat?

The gel coat on the boat is generally applied during your boat’s formation and is made to protect your boat from toxic elements. Although this process does an amazing job in protecting the hulls of your boat, it will wear and tear over time. Due to this reason, you can overcoat it with a ceramic coating to maintain the shine of your boat. It even provides an additional layer of protection and self-cleaning effect to your boat.

Ready for a truly professional solution? Starke aluminum coating is the best finish for every boat owner’s frustrating problem faced by boat owners. It protects your boat from damaging particles of the sea, including fishing debris, and other contaminants found in the water.

June 06, 2022 — John TenBrink