Starke Aluminum Coating - What A Huge Difference!

If you’re looking for the best aluminum ceramic coating for large outriggers or aluminum t top posts, you may have come across Starke Aluminum coating
This revolutionary coating is becoming a popular choice for boat and yacht owners because of the excellent protection it provides against UV, chemicals, stains and other elements. 

Sure, there are many coating brands available in the market. But Starke Aluminum coating stands out because of its no-level capabilities. This coating can be applied without having to remove/ level excess solvents.

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about this product. So, the following are the most frequently asked questions and answers you should know about.

What applications can I use Starke Aluminum Coating most appropriate for? 

This high-build aluminum coating is best for protecting aluminum railing that is exposed to the harsh sun throughout most of its life. This is a high gloss clear ceramic coating for protecting against oxidation and corrosion on raw metal, polished and anodized aluminum finishes. Everything from T-top towers to large sportfish outriggers to tuna towers are perfect candidates.

Can I apply Starke Aluminum Coating over existing coating? 

For the best result, it is always advisable to deep clean your boat and ensure there are no contaminants on the finish. In our previous article, we discussed the proper timing on when and how to apply an aluminum coating. Generally, you'll have to polish out defects and remove contaminants and any existing coatings from the metal surfaces to ensure the ceramic bonds as well as possible.

What is the best way to apply Starke Aluminum Coating? 

This coating can be applied using the Autofiber thin Microfiber Coating Applicator.  Place enough coating on the applicator to evenly cover the surface you're coating. 

What do I need to know before applying the Starke Aluminum Coating on my boat?

Before you apply the coating, your metal needs to be prepped and clean. Remove elements that can prevent the coating from adhering to the surface such as sand, grease, dirt and other contaminants that could jeopardize the coating's durability. Remember this coating can be applied without leveling but, keep an eye on the aluminum during the curing process, too much ceramic applied in area will create a rainbow effect that will harden over time and create a noticeable patch of ceramic. If rainbowing occurs, immediately wipe away the excess solvents.

How many coats should I apply?

We recommend applying only 1 coat of the aluminum coating to your metals.  Do not apply a second coat. If you do apply a second coat, the coating may gunk up and crystalize or the second coat will bead up and “sweat” on top of the already cured coating. This can cause a mess and can be visibly unappealing and take hours to fix.

What is the difference between Starke's Aluminum Coating vs. their traditional ceramic?

Starke Aluminum coating is strictly only used on metals outside of the water. Aluminum coating is not to be used on gel coat, paint, glass, etc. Due to the viscosity of the aluminum coating, the application of this product onto surfaces other than metal can be challenging. It will not level very easily and can be difficult to remove. Metal is what Starke's Aluminum coating was clearly designed for, work section by section to achieve a high gloss shine and durability for years to come when applied correctly.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

The quick answer is yes. Regardless of the size of your boat, it’s an investment you want to protect. Ceramic Coatings do the best job at this by creating a crystalized barrier of protection, this is much more effective in protection compared to a film of wax. A boat ceramic coating from Starke is designed not only to enhance the exterior aesthetics of your boat but also to improve its resistance against elements which can possible damage your vessel in the long run. 

How long will Ceramic Coating last on my Boat?

Our ceramic coating can last up to 18 to 24 months depending on how you care for your boat. The lifespan or efficiency of ceramic coatings can also be affected by other factors like how often you perform maintenance washes, the environment the boat is stored in as well as how often you're using the Si02 Top coating sprays.
June 06, 2022 — John TenBrink