Spend the time properly maintaining your boat. Your boat will LOVE YOU for it and provide you longer service, enjoyment and greater resale value! 

Majority of boat owners know that the most accurate meaning for BOAT is “break out another thousand” because of how much maintenance costs. To give you a sample, yacht owners can spend around $2-3 per foot for bottom cleaning and around $200 or more for system checking and maintenance.

And it’s not only that. Boat cleaning companies can have a separate charge for other services like $3,000 for annual service and another $1,000 for potential AC unit repair, deck repair, and other stuff. 

The truth is boat maintenance does not have to be expensive. At Marine Detail Supply, we can provide free tips on how to make your life easy as a boat owner. We have specialized in yacht and boat detailing for so long that we know excellent maintenance tips you can follow to keep your boat cruising for a long time. 

Wash your boat

The very first thing you should do is wash your boat. Use high-quality, natural, marine soap for your deck. If you have a DEKit floor decking system, this type of foam flooring requires deck-approved detergent to ensure your deck flooring stays in great shape. Prepare other tools and equipment specific for boat cleanings such as a soft bristle brush, a large bucket, mop, washing pad, sponge, towel, and chamois cloth for buffing.

Also prepare polish and wax, which you will later improve your boat’s finish. A vacuum cleaner would also be helpful to remove stubborn dirt from tables, countertops, and hard-to-reach corners of your yacht’s interior. Make sure you also have a gel coat protectant, stain remover, and a hose or pressure washer to ensure that your boat is fully covered.

Rinse your boat after every use

Detailing your boat could run smoother if you rinse your boat after use. This helps remove dust and other dirt that has gotten stuck in your boat, as well as any sea grime and salt residues.

When rinsing, just start from top to bottom. Rinsing also helps remove corrosive salt that could, later on, develop into tenacious flakes sticking on your boat’s exterior. Make sure and use a high quality water spot remover for extra protection and an incredible shine. The product goes on easy and rinses off leaving a great-looking exterior. 

Also, vacuum dust and particles from the interior. Put simply, regular maintenance helps make detailing easy in the future.   

Don’t miss any spot

Fully detailing your boat requires that you cover all the spots and corners to ensure a seamless finish. The following is a boat detailing checklist you must follow:

  • Wash windows and windshield with a soft brush 
  • Vacuum carpeted flooring, seats, table tops, cabinets, ceilings, moldings, and other conspicuous areas
  • Scrub nonskid floor (DEKit flooring will work best with a soft bristle brush and deck-approved cleansers)
  • Polish chrome railings, horns, ladders, and cleats
  • Use vinyl cleaner preferably with a UV blocker for vinyl seats
  • Clean your instrumentation gauges and scrub canvas to prevent mold and mildew

Use deck-approved cleaner for removing the tougher stain

Unfortunately, you can’t just use ordinary bleach to remove stubborn dirt from your deck or hull. While soap and water can remove dirt and grime, stains from corrosion and other hard-set stains can be removed using a dedicated boat cleaner. 

For example, if you notice a stain on your fiberglass then you might as well use a fiberglass powder cleaner and stain remover. If you’re cleaning aluminum, it’s best to buy an aluminum cleaner to effectively detail your boat.

For DEKit EVA foam flooring products, we recommend using the right cleaners to avoid premature damage. A mop or soft bristle brush will generally work for the deck. Check more information about how to take care of DEKit flooring from a trusted knowledge base.

Boat detailing can be tedious and time-consuming. However, for truly motivated boat owners, it can be a rewarding pastime. If your boat needs major repairs or the detailing job is not up your alley, you might need to call a professional. A professional-grade detailing will have your boat looking excellently brand new, as well as extend your boat’s lifetime and resale value.

May 25, 2022 — John TenBrink