Autofiber Barrel Blade Wheel Brush


The Autofiber Barrel Blade Wheel Brush with Plush Microfiber Cover helps you easily clean various wheel types with ease! The secret to the cleaning power of this brush is within the design and materials used. The flat blade head is covered in a plush microfiber cover that features two pile lengths and both are gentle, yet strong.

The extra-long pile microfiber material helps gently agitate and release dirt, while the shorter, more dense, white fibers expand and hold the suds from your wheel cleaner. With a total length of 19" (12" of microfiber) and flexible construction, this brush allows you to clean difficult to reach places like in between calipers, narrow wheel designs, and spokes. When finished, simply remove the microfiber head for a thorough cleaning.

Covers snap onto the hardware securely, so you can replace as needed over the lifetime of the brush. Stop struggling to clean your wheels, pair the Autofiber Barrel Blade Wheel Brush with your favorite wheel cleaner today!

Product Information

  • Safely and easily remove dirt, grime and brake dust from your wheels!
  • Removable and washable microfiber heads
  • Flexible and 19" in length
  • Product Code: BB10B-PLUSH-KIT


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