There is no denying that original teak decking is one of the most upscale choices for your boat. Teak decking not only looks rich and luxurious; it provides the benefit of a great non-slip surface and can withstand many demanding water conditions. But it does come with some disadvantages - namely a shorter lifespan, which can lead to needing costly replacements and even lowering your boat’s overall resale value. Real teak also tends to absorb the heat from the sun’s rays, making your deck difficult to walk on and heating things inside your boat’s interior.

The Sustainability Factor

From a sustainability factor, teak is not a great option. As the demand for teak grows, it can lead to illegal logging of rainforests in countries like Myanmar, which no ban has been effective against. Currently, teak is considered a high-risk timber, which is why many in the boating world are looking for viable alternatives that come with additional advantages not provided by real teak.

DEKit’s Teak Alternatives

Teak alternatives have enjoyed a sharp boost in the market and are quickly gaining on real teak’s popularity. Faux teak offers a variety of advantages, like increased longevity, reduced installation and labor costs, and customization that you simply can’t get with real teak. Many also do not absorb water like teak does, so they’re easier to keep clean.

Advantages Of DEKit

For those who want the appearance of natural teak with the advantages that come with foam decking, DEKit is a perfect solution. DEKit’s decking provides a non-skid surface, like teak, but it won’t wear as quickly. Traditional teak can start to wear thin, which could lead to the need for an expensive replacement deck. Our DEKit product is so durable, you will have the longevity that you crave, without the hassles of teak or the limitations of its ability to withstand the demands of water resistance.

The Exclusive Cross-Linked PE/EVA

Another critical advantage that DEKit offers is its exclusive cross-linked PE-EVA foam that helps with shock absorption when you are out on the water for the day. It helps lessen the blow of what a day at sea can do to your tired and weary muscles, joints, and bones. When you combine the durability of our product with our 3M PSA and UV Protectants, our teak alternative will last for years, boasting both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

A Three-Year Warranty

Unlike teak, DEKit foam decking comes with a 3-year warranty to give you the assurance that your investment is securely backed. When you follow the instructions for care, your foam decking is guaranteed to maintain its optimal appearance - and if something should happen, we have you covered.

Teak has traditionally been the highest-end boat decking in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that it is a sound investment compared to other decking products like DEKit. Also, the sustainability of teak is a very real concern - not just for the boating industry, but for forest conservation as well. By choosing us, you are making an eco-friendly choice, while gaining the benefits that come with our teak decking alternative. Our foam decking is fully customizable, provides longevity and durability, and is backed by our warranty. Contact us today to customize your boat decking with our luxurious products!

December 21, 2021 — John Watkins