The Qualified Captain The Rooster Tail


The Rooster Tail is an easy to use, carbon-infused water based SiO2 maintenance coating.

The Rooster Tail is formulated with true nano technology that leaves the surface glassy and with extreme slickness.


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What you should know about Rooster Tail...


What exactly is Rooster Tail? Why should I use it on my boat.

Rooster Tail is a water based carbon infused SiO2 spray that can be used as a stand alone spray sealant or maintneance topper to ceramic coating or polymer sealant.

This formula has uv inhibitors and gloss enhancers that will leave you finish looking glossy and slick.

A must have on every boat.

How long does Rooster Tail last?

On a decontaminated clean finish, Rooster Tail can last 1 to 3 months depending on usage and storage.

What can you use it on?

Rooster tail works wonderfully on gelcoat and paint. It also works very well on glass, metal, vinyl and plastic. Its basically safe to use on everything.

How do I apply it?

We reccommend spray and wipe technique using a two rag method.

The formula can also be used in a hydro application.