get qualified

Introducing the Qualified captain - get the kit!

Check out the exclusive NEW collection of maintenance products brought to you by The Qualified Captain and powered by Starke Yacht Surface Technology.

The soap smells sooo good!!

Don’t be the next boat ramp champ. Instead, make sure you make it home so you can lather up your sweet ride with a great smelling sudsy soap that is PH neutral and biodegradable.

Lock in the shine! Dont be dead in the water.

Dead in the Water is a powerful crème based polymer that uses sophisticated SiO2 resins and UV blockers to lock on and protect your marine paint or gelcoat from extreme UV.

Don’t be left high & dry without your APC!

High and Dry is an APC (all - purpose cleaner) designed to tackle all of those tough stains where Pure Clean just isn’t strong enough. We recommend this product be used ion lockers, bilges, vinyl cushions, plastic, engine rooms, etc.

If you didnt know, now you know.

IYKYK boat wash is the fastest, safest and easiest solution to prevent corrosion from salt from your marine paint or gel coat.

Going head to head with Mold & Mildew. Dont be stupid. use the right product!

Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes is a powerful formula that will remove mold and mildew without any scrubbing. Its safe to use on boat tops, vinyl cushions, chairs and canopies. It can also be used on rubber fenders, fiberglass, tile, grout, tub & shower stalls, sinks, counters, Etc.

You want slickness & gloss, let me show you this rooster tail.

The Rooster Tail is formulated with true nano technology that leaves the surface glassy and with extreme slickness.