We all have our favorite products. Our go to. Well, if you like water beads and shiny things then Replenish will most definitely be a favorite in your box.



There is no other product that is as versatile as Replenish. You can put it on virtually any type of finish to add protection and gloss.



In addition, it is great to use as a spray and wipe formula or as a hydro formula for those hard to reach areas, especially on larger vessels.

With modern technology, paste and crème based waxes are becoming a thing of the past. Water based sealants or "spray sealants" have become more and more prevalent as of late. The lite and non harmful water based formula is able to suspend very powerful Sio2 polymers, uv inhibitors, and gloss enhancers to create a durable glass like finish on your paintwork and other various substrates found on a boat.

This formula is not your typical milky looking water based spray. It doesn't look like concrete sealer!

Motor cowlings, windshield, aluminum or powder coated towers are perfect candidates for the Rooster Tail Sio2 Maintenance Spray. Make sure you have this product for your boat. You will thank us later!





January 31, 2023 — John Watkins