If ya know, ya know. Well now you know... The Qualified Captain is now qualified to remove and prevent salt corrosion and buildup. Well, what does that mean, exactly? Well, that means that the team over at The Qualified Captain has now introduced you to one of the best salt removal and preventive products available on the marine market today. Think of it as Salt Away 2.0. This improved formula is biodegradable and harbor safe which means it can runoff into the water without doing any harm, whatsoever.

The formula is also PH neutral, so it doesn't break down ceramic coatings and waxes. Its also safe to use on rods and reels as it does not break down lubricants. Perfect for an engine flush too.

The easy to use hose end proportioner blends the concentrate into a perfectly clear water based formula that is sudsy and smells pleasant. You can spray and then rinse or you can spray, wash and then rinse. Use it either way, whatever you prefer. We do not recommend using this product on every wash down. Twice a month or monthly is the sweet spot to keep your boat, trailer and gear protected from the harsh salt water environment.

January 31, 2023 — John Watkins