Not all of us know that harsh household cleaners are terrible for your boat. Well, let's get you qualified real quick. The Qualified Captain Maintenance line is a well rounded bundle of products that clean gently and leave your boat protected and looking amazing cruising the water ways.

What to expect from this product line...

This line is not for restoration of gelcoat or marine paint. It does a fantastic job maintaining gelcoat, paint, glass, metal, plastics and vinyl that has been buffed and polished. But it does not magically remove oxidation. However, if you have mold, mildew, dirt rings, black streaks, anything that lies on the surface, this kit will do an awesome job cleaning these types of stains, growth and fallout.

In addition to some great cleaners, this kit has a couple of sealants that do an amazing job at keeping you protected from UV and glossy. You like water beads? Bead Porn? Check out these sealants. You're not going to want to miss out.

Kit Contents:

Boat Ramp Champ -Ultra concentrated boat soap, containing powerful, high foaming action.  This soap was designed to work specifically in conjunction with waxes & ceramic coatings.  A little goes a long way.

IYKYK - Salt Removal Concentrate for quickly dissolving salt build up on hulls and topside.

High and Dry - Concentrated APC (All - purpose cleaner) designed to tackle all of those tough stains where Boat Ramp Champ just isn’t strong enough. 

Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes - Powerful formula that will remove mold and mildew without any scrubbing. Its safe to use on boat tops, vinyl cushions, chairs and canopies.

Dead in the Water - Powerful crème based polymer that uses sophisticated SiO2 resins and UV blockers to lock on and protect your marine paint or gelcoat from extreme UV. 

The Rooster Tail - Easy to use, carbon-infused SiO2 maintenance coating that can be used as a spray-on, hose off (Hydro) wipe less application or spray-on, wipe off application. Formulated with true nano technology that leaves the surface glassy and with extreme slickness.


January 31, 2023 — John Watkins